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“I don’t understand what you just said. In what kind of twisted bizarre world does a Hijabi get paid to wear provocative clothes?” Fatima’s jaws dropped to the stuck elevator’s floor.

5 Duas for Seeking Refuge in the Last Ten Days of Ramadan

It’s the last ten days of Ramadan.

The home stretch.

The part where you are caught between looking forward to the end of fasting,


“My dad didn’t send me anywhere. I sneaked out of the house like I do every night, and now my parents will know I’m a shameful disgrace.

3 Nutrition & Productivity Tips to Get You Through Long Fasting Days

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It’s been a few days of fasting, and if you are anything like me, your body is only starting to slowly adjust to the rhythm of going without food almost all day.

What’s Ramadan All About, Anyway?

If you’ve been Muslim for more than a day, you probably have the Ramadan fever right now too. Ramadan is around the corner and even folks who aren’t Muslim can feel the arrival of the month (it may be because the supermarket shelves are being left bare because we love stocking up).


“Wait! Hold the doors please” Grace called out, picking up her speed to catch the almost-fleeting elevator.
It was a little past midnight.

Day out in Delhi Route Style