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Zapisz Zapisz


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Six months ago….

“Where is it?” “Jesus Christ, mom! You scared the hell out of me” Grace yelled.

Taking Prayer to the Next Level


We’re doing big things at Islamic Design House! This month, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with one of the coolest contemporary Muslim artists out there,

Summer is Here! Your Guide to the Perfect Burkini

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What could be better than relaxing on the beach with your sisters? Relaxing in your stylish new burkini,


“I don’t understand what you just said. In what kind of twisted bizarre world does a Hijabi get paid to wear provocative clothes?” Fatima’s jaws dropped to the stuck elevator’s floor.

5 Ways to Seek Allah (swt)’s Forgiveness in the Middle of Ramadan

Welcome to the middle of Ramadan! The part where the taraweeh high is slowing down, congregation lines are thinning and you can’t remember the last time you filled your Ramadan journal.


“My dad didn’t send me anywhere. I sneaked out of the house like I do every night, and now my parents will know I’m a shameful disgrace.

Seeking Allah’s Mercy in the First Ten Days of Ramadan

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It’s the first few days of Ramadan, and guesses are that your excitement is still burning high at the thought of witnessing another Ramadan,